Twin Path Slings

Twin-Path® Slings

Twin path sling

Marine & Industrial offers the world’s first ergonomic and best quality sling that can hold capacities up to 500,000 lbs. Larger capacity slings are available on special order.

We carry the following Twin-Path® slings:

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Twin-Path Sling Features

  • Back‐up protection (two slings in one)
  • Check‐Fast® inspection system: Warns users of sling overload conditions.
  • Rifled Cover™ technology: twisting core strands increases sling strength by 17 percent.
  • FiberOptic inspection: warns users of potential sling damage.
  • Unmatched length tolerance of only half an inch (+/‐).
  • Repairable: more than 90 percent of damaged TPXC slings can be repaired.

Web Sling Protection
In order to avoid damage and further protect your slings, help us protect your materials from abrasion and cutting with our selection of wear pads and sleeves.