Polyester Round Slings

Marine & Industrial’s polyester round slings are built to custom lengths and capacities up to 90,000 pounds. Polyester round slings are an excellent alternative to nylon polyester web slings when your lift requires a sling with little stretch and can provide more surface contact for supporting the load. Polyester round slings are also color-coded to provide easier identification of capacities in the field, as well as provide various round sling protection products, such as wear pads and sleeves. These can be built as both permanent and removable types of reinforcement.

We provide the following polyester round slings:

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Polyester Round Slings Product Details

389te test

Lifting Fiber
Endless loops of polyester load bearing yarn

Polyester contrasting color cover


  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Private

3,000-90,000 lbs. vertical-rated capacity

Wide-variety (including black for stage rigging)

Round sling


  • Vertical
  • Basket
  • Choker 

Round Sling Protection
Slings should be examined throughout their length for abrasion, cuts, heat damage, fitting issues and tag legibility. In order to avoid damage and further protect your slings, help us protect your materials from abrasion and cutting with our selection of sliding sleeves and pads.