Synthetic Slings

Marine & Industrial offers a full range of synthetic (nylon and polyester) web slings to increase your efficiency and safety for various rigging purposes. Our sling expertise makes ordering easy because you can select sling sizes and lengths by dimensions or capacity.

We provide the following synthetic sling types:

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Type 1 Slings

  • Chocker & Basket Hitch
  • Triangle & Choker Fittings
  • Slings with a triangle on one side and a slotted triangle (choker) on the other side. This is most commonly used in a choker hitch, but can also be used in basket and vertical hitches.

Type 2 Slings

  • Basket & Vertical Hitches Only
  • Two Triangle Fittings
  • Slings with a triangle fit on each end and normally used in vertical and basket hitches only. These slings are more economical than choker slings, but can’t be used in a choker hitch.  Choice of lightweight aluminum or durable steel fittings.

Type 3 Slings
Slings that have both ends with an eye. Choice of straight or tapered eyes.  They are easier to remove from beneath the load after the load is in place.

Type 4 Slings

  • Flat or Twisted Eyes
  • Vertical, Choker, Basket Hitches
  • Same basic type as flat eye slings (Type 3) but eyes are twisted to a right angle to the sling body to form a better choker hitch. This type of eye also nests together better when used in a basket hitch.

Type 5 Slings

  • Vertical, Choker, Basket Hitches
  • Endless or Grommet Type
  • Endless slings (grommet slings) are the most versatile and economically priced. They can be used in all three types of hitches and the wear points can be moved to increase sling life. The sling legs can be spread for improved load balance.

Type 6
Return eye sling (or reversed eye sling). Sling body is formed by two parts of webbing sewn side by side using either a cordura tube or web in the finished width.


Web Sling Protection

In order to avoid damage and further protect your slings, help us protect your materials from abrasion and cutting with our selection of sliding sleeves and pads.