Wire Rope Slings

Wire  Rope Slings and Assemblies
The most common sling Marine & Industrial supplies is wire rope slings and assemblies. These can be made into two, three or four-leg bridles. Wire rope slings can also be braided into multiple parts making them more flexible and able to handle larger capacities by increasing the diameter of the sling.

We provide the following wire rope slings:

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General Purpose Sling
This is a general purpose sling. It is adaptable for basket and straight pull hitches. This type of sling is used more widely than any other type of sling for general materials handling. We recommend TRI-FLEX® Slings for sizes 1’’ diameter and larger for their economical, light and flexible durability.

Grommet Slings
We carry rope and cable grommet slings that are adaptable to a variety of fittings. Rope grommets are used for high resistance to abrasion and cable grommets are used where extra flexibility is needed.

Twin-Flex Sling System
This is a combination of three Tri-Flex ® Wire Rope slings wrapped together helically to form a nine-part finished body sling. After a heavy lift is finished, the product can be taken apart to form three individual Tri-Flex® slings for smaller lifting work. This product was developed for construction projects where there are a few heavy lifts. A superior strength sling because it has twelve parts of wire rope in the loop for greater strength than traditional nine part wire rope slings that have only ten parts of wire rope in the loops.

Tri-Flex Wire Rope Slings

These slings provide the best combination of strength and flexibility. Because of the patented TRI-FLEX® SLING construction, there is a large savings in materials and machine costs in the larger sizes; this, combined with ease and use make TRI-FLEX® SLINGS the only sling for smart buyers.

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Gator-Rex™ Flex
This is a high performance nine-part wire rope sling from Slingmax® Inc. Its efficiencies are more than 90%, meaning a rigger can get a lighter Gator-Rex™ sling with the same capacity as traditional nine-part slings. This sling features a hand-tuck body. It will develop its full strength on small pins with a D/d ratio of 1:1 where D is the pin diameter and d is the sling body diameter.

Gator-Flex® Grommets
Ultra flexible slings for short heavy lift connection. These can be made shorter than standard multi-part slings, but maintain all of the advantages. They are the most flexible grommets in the world.

Gator-Max™ Rope Slings
This is the strongest multi-part sling with great flexibility. The wire rope sling meets all standards for heavy lifting solutions.

Gator-Laid® Wire Rope Sling
This product assists larger lifts that require a shorter sling. This is identical to the Gator-Max™ sling with parallel eyes except it has metal sleeves for the splice connection.

Gator-Flex® Slings
This flexible sling is developed for heavy lifts that can be easily inspected. This sling has a nine-part body style with wires in the eyes that are crossed or interwoven so no wrapping is needed.

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Wire Sling Protection

Marine & Industrial offers quality service, inspection and repair. In order to avoid damage and to further protect your slings, we can help you protect your materials with our 650,000 lbs. test bed, N-4 Testing Technology and our inspectors who are Level III qualified by the Rigging Institute.